Elderly Woman with Dementia to be Vaccinated Against Son’s Wishes After Judge’s Ruling

A judge has ruled that an 83 year-old dementia sufferer should have the Covid vaccine despite her son’s concerns. Her son was given Power of Attorney some years ago, and objected to her having the jab on the grounds that she might feel pain in her last moments if there were any side effects. He said she has “not got that long left anyway”. Cornwall Live has the story.

A Cornish judge has ruled that an elderly woman with dementia will be vaccinated, despite her son’s objections.

Judge Simon Carr, who is based in Truro, concluded that vaccination would be in the 83 year-old’s best interests, at an online hearing in the Court of Protection on Wednesday evening.

The specialist court hears issues relating to people who might lack the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves are considered.

The woman, whose identity or location cannot be revealed, is living in a care home and agreed to her son having power of attorney, and making decisions on her behalf, some time ago, the judge heard.

Her son argued that she should not have the coronavirus vaccine as she “had not got that long left anyway”.

He said she should not have to end her life in pain if there were side effects.

The case was brought to court after the woman’s GP thought she should be given the vaccine and asked the judge to consider the case.

The judge concluded that, because the pensioner had been vaccinated against the flu for nearly 20 years, she had no general objection to vaccines.

I have no hesitation in concluding that it is very much in (her) best interests to have the vaccine.

A similar case unfolded last month when a judge ordered that “it is in [the] best interests” of an elderly dementia sufferer living in a care home to receive the vaccine, despite her daughter saying that “my mother wouldn’t want it”.

The Cornwall Live report is worth reading in full.

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