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Facial Recognition Expanding at Two Main Japanese Airports

Passengers checking in at Japan’s 2 main international airports can soon expect a much smoother experience. From July, many will be able to use a facial recognition system to move quickly through the usual checkpoints to their departure gates.

Officials at Narita near Tokyo will introduce the system for overseas flights by Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways.

Those at Haneda in the capital will also install it for international flights by some carriers.

Both expect the tech will help limit person-to-person contact, an important measure for reducing COVID infections.

Travelers will first have to register an image of their face, as well as their passport photo and their boarding pass data at designated check-in terminals.

Once they’ve put these in the system, they won’t need to show their boarding pass or passport again.

Instead they can simply look at cameras to make their way through baggage check-in and security screening.

The operator of Narita Airport says the move is an important step toward the restart of international travel.

Source: NHK World – Japan

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