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Fear, Self-denial and Submission: Some reasons why no one seems to care.

(by Lily | TruthTalk.UK) – Since March 2020, the vast majority of people over the world have willingly, without question or resistance, given up their most basic rights and been blindly obeying the Draconian measures of increasingly authoritarian “liberal democracies” and their utterly absurd rules. The persistent uniform propaganda of government and mainstream media, as well as the human mind, are cited as causes by those who study this process retroactively. This article takes these two things to shine light on the present predicament. Those who continue to turn a blind eye and refuse to deal with the traumas that have led to their passivity up to this point are complicit in the rising tyranny and potential dystopian developments.


Politics and the media have used sophisticated propaganda techniques to successfully misinform and disillusion the majority of the public. Many people, for instance, are unaware that the PCR test examines just “snippets” of the virus and not infections, and that the PCR test frequently yields false-positive tests. The PCR test is useless from a medical perspective because it does not detect infections. But it must be utilized to justify the lockdown procedures. As such, it provides cover for a wide range of negative outcomes, including the alienation of the old, the bullying of children, the destruction of the economy, and the isolation of both.

That government is either stupid or malicious if it refuses to notice these links or purposefully conceals them, causing severe damage—and I assume we all know that they are indeed NOT stupid but just employ countless useful idiot politicians.

If these people are aware of these ties, they are engaging in criminal behavior and should be brought to justice.

People who get all of their news from the same sources are more likely to believe falsehoods, such as the one that people who see what is behind all the madness march together with the far right or Nazis. This is the best example of a classic framing technique, in which we are led to believe that something is true because it fits within a predetermined framework.

Critical and independent thinkers are framed to be associated with either the right or the Nazis. In framing, a specific frame is established in which we are expected to think; for example, “women cannot drive,” and “men only want one thing.”

During the pandemic, the narrative was that protests against Covid-19 measures were mostly attended by Nazis and neo-Nazis. Furthermore, whoever speaks there can only be a Nazi. In fact, the participants in these protests are almost entirely peaceful people advocating for their basic rights. The classic Nazi framing serves only to demonize political opponents. Because the average citizens have probably never or hardly ever dealt with propaganda techniques and thus are unaware of them, they fall for it before forming their opinion. So, why should people revolt if they are misinformed or have been duped into clichés or pigeonholed thinking through clever framing?

In his book “Warum schweigen die Lämmer?” (Why are the Lambs Silent?) Rainer Mausfeld writes under the heading “Opinion Management” how mass media manipulates us through selection, de- and recontextualization, i.e., “taking us out of context, putting us in a different context”. There is also outrage management, which is how to deal with opposing viewpoints. Aside from Nazis, neo-Nazis, and right-wing extremists, we find framings such as conspiracy theorists and vaccination opponents. In Germany, the term “Corona Leugner” (Covid denier) was coined to be semantically linked to Holocaust deniers. However, the label “anti-Semite” is the most defamatory. Such an accusation renders any substantive discussion impossible. The perversity of this accusation was palpable to me as a Jew when I was labeled an anti-Semite for daring to criticize our “Great Leaders.”

That is precisely what the propagandists want. The method of putting listeners into a trance by certain propaganda techniques to prevent their clear ability to judge is a little more subtle. This is to be found in “Propaganda,” a favorite book of Joseph Goebbels and written by Edward Bernays, a nephew of Siegmund Freud, in 1928. Bernays describes the technique of dramatizing and repeating, which has been used by our mainstream media for years: We always encounter the same topics whether we consume TV, radio, or print media: Coronavirus, dead people—”everything is terrible, and in despair.”—, war, economic crisis, food crisis, etc. Read Full Article >

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