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Former Navy Surgeon: COVID-19 Acts as Perfect Bioweapon Aimed to ‘Takedown’ America

A former Navy surgeon who studied bioweapons says there is evidence that the Wuhan coronavirus represents the next stage in military evolution, which veils not only the assailants but even the perception that an actual attack is occurring.

Dr. Lee Merritt, former president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons who currently practices orthopaedic surgery and anti-aging medicine in Omaha, Nebraska, stated in a Jan. 14 interview with New American that she believes “we are at war.”

“We’re in an unconventional, unrestricted war, the kind that the military Chinese generals talked about 30 years ago,” she said. Though Dr. Merritt emphasized that she didn’t believe these attacks were just coming from China, she did say that,  in her opinion, the CCP provides “the proximate militarization” of this attack.

“Warfare has changed over time,” she explained. “We started just hitting each other over (the head) with clubs and then we went to set-piece battles, and then we as Americans kind of pioneered guerilla warfare, shooting (from) behind trees, and the British thought that was unsportsmanlike.”

“But in our lifetime,” she claimed, warfare has evolved to what she calls “military conflict 4.0” when the U.S. was fighting ISIS or Al-Qaeda, “and you knew who maybe the enemy was… because they appeared like a standing army … but you really were not 100% sure who the enemy was because you didn’t know who was funding them, who was sending them weapons, who was really doing the training.”

Merritt, who also served on the board of the Arizona Medical Association, speculated that the next step is something she called, “warfare 5.0” which utilized “a weapon that was so stealth that not only did you not know who the enemy was, you didn’t even know you were being attacked,” as it “looked like nature.”

Distributing weapons is often a great challenge in warfare, she suggested. “When we came into the nuclear age, we could not easily distribute nuclear weapons. We had to drop them (from planes) onto the Japanese cities.” The difficult part of military engineering, she said, is the development of “the guidance missile.”

This is also the case with bioweapons, including anthrax which is very difficult to distribute, she said.

“So, let’s make a missile,” said the surgeon, “and the missile is coronavirus, which is a… highly transmissible, very small particle virus. It can’t be masked away no matter what the propaganda is, you can’t hide from it behind a plastic little screen… It’s just incredibly transmissible, but it is (also) very benign.”

Now add to this “missile,” Merritt opined, “basically, the warhead. And the warhead is a little protein that they tacked on, that attaches to your ACE2 pathways.” These proteins can then get into one’s heart and lungs, and “it can kill you.” Read Full Article >

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