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France Trialing Digital Health Pass for Tourists – “TousAntiCovid”

(Travelweek) – France has begun testing a digital coronavirus travel certificate.

Earlier this week French President Emmanuel Macron said he foresees at least some tourists returning to Paris this summer if they have gotten vaccinated or have proof of testing negative for the coronavirus as France moves to progressively lift infection-control restrictions.

“We are building a certificate to facilitate travel after these restrictions between the different European countries with testing and vaccination,” Macron said in an interview with the CBS News show ‘Face the Nation.’

France’s ‘TousAntiCovid’ app can now store negative COVID-19 test results. The new functionality is being trialled on select flights. 

Macron, summarizing the French approach, said “the plan is always to control the virus, to maximize the vaccination and to progressively lift the restrictions.’’

The EU is working towards developing a Digital Green Pass that aims to help reopen travel within the EU this summer. As announced last month, the aim is to provide: proof that a person has been vaccinated; results of tests for those who couldn’t get a vaccine yet; and info on COVID-19 recovery. Read Full Article >

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