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France Using Climate Change Excuse to Ban Short-Haul Domestic Flights

(by Zero Hedge) – France is banning short-haul domestic flights when there is a regular and frequent train option that takes less than two and a half hours, after a 2021 climate law, No 2021-1104, received permission from the European Commission (EC).

Article 145.I of the law prohibits passenger flights “on all air routes within French territory for which there are several direct rail connections per day of less than two and a half hours,” according to the European Union decision report (pdf).

The proposal, which has been hailed by the French Greens and environmental lobbyists in Brussels alike, will directly affect three major air routes between Paris-Orly and Lyon, Nantes, and Bordeaux.

Remix News’ Thomas Brooke reports that an intention to improve rail services and decrease the journey duration could see routes from Paris and Rennes to Lyon and Marseille also axed.

The measure is expected to take several months to enter into force and should last initially for three years, with a review of its effectiveness undertaken after two. Read Full Article >

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