Net Zero
by Tom Tillison | American Wire News

While the climate change debate rages on about how much the environment is changing, whether this change is impacted by man or just nature’s ongoing ebb and flow, and whether man can actually alter the course of events if we want to, the one thing that can be counted on is that liberals are hard at work trying to control your actions in order to “save the world.”

Look no further than Germany, where there’s talk of banning weekend driving to meet the country’s net zero carbon emissions laws.

More from The Telegraph:

Germany’s transport minister has warned that driving will have to be banned at the weekends unless the country’s net zero laws are changed.

Volker Wissing’s FDP party wants the law amended so the polluting transport sector can miss carbon emissions reduction targets, as long as Germany as a whole reaches them.

But the change is opposed by the Greens, who are part of the three-way coalition with the pro-business FDP and the Social Democrats (SPD), led by Olaf Scholz, the chancellor.

While the ban on weekend driving may be presented as a negotiating ploy to prompt a change in the law, it also raises questions about liberal politicians’ true intentions and their perceived duty to restrict individual actions under the climate control banner.

Unfortunately, as we see with electric vehicles being forced upon society, the alternatives are often more expensive and less practical. While the elimination altogether of fossil fuels is a priority, the omnipotent moral busybodies haven’t stopped there. They want to take away your gas stoves and leaf blowers, and already limit the waterflow in your toilets and shower nozzles.

One social media user suggested the COVID-19 lockdowns were just a warm-up that excited lawmakers about the possibilities that can be applied in the name of protecting the climate. Read Full Article >

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