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Shark Tank Capitalists Succumb to UN Globalists Pushing Agenda 2030

Editor's Comment
I must admit, I am an avid Shark Tank viewer who enjoys seeing the creativity, determination, and innovation of people with ideas that help them provide for their families, boost the economy and sometimes even make our lives better. It is a microcosm of the principles America was founded on. However, I saw this episode live and was appalled to say the least. The propaganda was disgusting, but shouldn’t be all that surprising since all of the networks including ABC are owned by corporations (Disney) plugged into the UN 2030 agenda. Seeing the sharks become bootlickers for the UN’s fear mongering agenda was an all-time low for the network and the nation! – Jesse Smith
by Steve Bonta | The New American

The hosts of the popular reality-television series Shark Tank, and their counterparts overseas, recently got the red-carpet treatment at UN headquarters in New York City. From all over the world, the hosts of the popular international series of shows featuring up-and-coming entrepreneurs were subjected to a clinic on the ideology of sustainable development.

Screenshot | Shark Tank Entrepreneurs at United Nations in NYC

UN officials were hoping that these highly recognizable paladins of free-market capitalism would come away ready to do the bidding of the globalist establishment — and they were not disappointed. Subjected to a propagandistic full-court press on behalf of the sustainable development agenda, well-known Shark Tank faces such as Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, and Barbara Corcoran gushed afterwards about the event and how it had changed their perspectives. “To me the whole day was a wakeup call,” Corcoran exclaimed. “What we learned today is that we have more power than we thought to make a difference in business. Now I’m going to choose different products, different businesses.” Kevin O’Leary, a regular guest on Fox News, told viewers of a carefully-scripted video of the event, “the sustainable development goals are a blueprint for a better future for everyone everywhere. Join me and people all across the globe in taking action!”

That such self-styled captains of industry could be so easily deceived by the blandishments of UN functionaries speaks volumes of the power and reach of globalist propaganda, of which the twin fictions of sustainable development and anthropogenic climate change are two of its most conspicuous achievements.

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