‘Harassment and Discrimination’: Navy Imposes Randomized COVID Tests on Non-vaccinated

(LifeSite News) – The U.S. Navy is piling yet more pressure on sailors to get the COVID-19 jab by requiring randomized COVID-19 tests for the non-vaccinated, and promising to lift this requirement once a threshold of sailor vaccination per command is met.

A Navy lieutenant — who is known to LifeSiteNews but wishes to remain anonymous — shared a directive from his Executive Officer explaining that a non-vaccinated sailor from his command would be chosen at random every two weeks to be tested for COVID-19, as per new Naval COVID-19 guidance. The new procedure is known as Sentinel Surveillance Testing (SST).

A Naval Safety Officer also noted in an email that restriction of movement (ROM) is imposed on those who test positive for COVID-19. During ROM, sailors must isolate themselves in their residence for two weeks, leaving only for “routine activities” such as doing their laundry and exercising outdoors, provided they keep a distance of more than six feet from others. Sailors under ROM are barred from fitness centers, messing facilities, and other “widely used support services.”

Last year, the New York Times reported, “The standard [COVID-19] tests are diagnosing huge numbers of people who may be carrying relatively insignificant amounts of the virus,” and that “up to 90 percent of people testing positive” for COVID-19 are thus “not likely to be contagious.”

Even more pressure to vaccinate comes from Navy stipulations that 75 percent immunization of the command lessens the requirement to one COVID-19 test a month, and 85 percent immunization will negate the requirement completely.

“This is segregating the haves and have nots and making those resisting to suffer more,” said the anonymous Navy lieutenant.

The SST requirement adds to the list of restrictions imposed only on the unvaccinated in the Navy: face masks, physical distancing, testing in and out prior to deployment, and post-deployment ROM. Read Full Article >

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