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In First Week As President, Joe Biden Tosses the American People Under the Globalist Bus

Anything that remotely promotes the interest of the nation will be ostracized as racist and working to the advantage of white supremacist tendencies.

In a brutal display of presidential powers that would have made Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un green with envy, Joe Biden rammed through a raft of pro-globalist executive orders just hours after being sworn in as president.

For those U.S. voters who were more obsessed with removing Donald Trump than seriously questioning who or what would replace him, they got their answer shortly after Biden made it through his locked-down inauguration where the soldiers outnumbered the guests by a margin one would not expect to find during a democratic pageant.

Following a subdued masked ball and strained photo ops, Biden was whisked from the Capitol straight to the Oval Office where he was tasked with signing off on executive orders – 17 in fact, followed up later by a baker’s dozen. The swiftness of the bureaucratic blitzkrieg, impressive for a 78-year-old president who campaigned mostly from his basement, was as shocking as what the 46th POTUS put in motion. In a matter of minutes, and without a precious drop of democratic debate, Biden diverted the future course of America forever.

One of the most shocking orders was the termination of the Keystone XL Pipeline, which not only helped the United States to maintain some degree of energy independence – you know, in the spirit of ‘Make America Great Again’ – but it generated thousands of good-paying jobs both in the U.S. and Canada. The massive project, which would have transported more than 800,000 barrels [130,000 m3] of heavy crude per day from Alberta, Canada to the Gulf Coast, was one of Donald Trump’s signature economic projects.

Biden argued against construction of Keystone XL, saying its “significance…for our energy security and economy is limited.” Thus, it is important for the U.S. to “prioritize the development of a clean energy economy, which will in turn create good jobs.” This begs the question: why not allow both projects to work together simultaneously until a more environmentally sound alternative is found? After all, America will still require a large supply of oil for the foreseeable future, so who better to get it from than its reliable neighbor to the north, Canada, who already invested over $1 billion in the project? The main agitator for the overhaul, as the document eventually admitted, was the radical progressive belief in climate change ‘science.’

“The analysis… concluded that approval of the proposed pipeline would undermine U.S. climate leadership by undercutting the credibility and influence of the United States in urging other countries to take ambitious climate action,” according to the EO.

In their arrogant belief that they have the market on ‘sound science’ cornered, the Democrats torpedoed a project that would have gone far at keeping U.S. forces out of the Middle East to protect dwindling oil supplies (incidentally, this consideration, as opposed to ‘climate change,’ may have been the real motive for killing Keystone XL, without which the U.S. continues to have an excuse for maintaining a heavy military presence in the Middle East, which is also of no small concern to Israel, by the way). Needless to say, U.S. labor unions were not pleased by the announcement. Read Full Article >

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