Nursing Home Workers Decline Coronavirus Vaccine

Many D.C. Area Nursing Home Staff Decline to take Coronavirus Vaccine

While many of our most vulnerable community members live in nursing homes, a startling number of workers in those facilities have decided against taking the coronavirus vaccine, according to officials.

“It’s incredibly concerning because they are at such high risk,” explained Tufts Medical Center Chief of Infectious Diseases Dr. Helen Boucher. “We need to get 60 to 80 percent of our population immune via vaccination so that the virus will stop spreading, and we need it to stop spreading everywhere but especially in places like nursing homes and hospitals where we have very vulnerable patients.”

But getting to that point is not going to be easy.

As previously reported in the Washington Post, a huge percentage of nursing home workers in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia have flat-out refused to take the vaccine. Read Full Article >

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