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Mark of the Beast? Worldcoin to Debut Cryptocurrency for all in Exchange for an Eyeball Scan

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Here’s yet another proposed scheme to get everyone’s biometric data, place them on a global control surveillance grid, and provide them with a Universal Basic Income while all the jobs disappear in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Great Reset completes the full transfer of wealth to the 1%. No thanks, I’ll pass!

(Gizmodo) – If you thought cryptocurrency shenanigans ended with Dogecoin and NFTs, you should probably sit down for this one. Sam Altman, the former CEO of famed startup incubator Y Combinator, is reportedly working on a new cryptocurrency that’ll be distributed to everyone on Earth. Once you agree to scan your eyeballs.

Yes, you read correctly.

You can thank Bloomberg for inflicting this cursed news on the rest of us. In its report, Bloomberg says Altman’s forthcoming cryptocurrency and the company behind it, both dubbed Worldcoin, recently raised $25 million from investors. The company is purportedly backed by Andreessen Horowitz, LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, and Day One Ventures.

“I’ve been very interested in things like universal basic income and what’s going to happen to global wealth redistribution and how we can do that better,” Altman told Bloomberg, explaining what fever dream inspired this.

Universal basic income is an economic theory that stipulates every citizen should have a government-provided income regardless of need. While you may associate UBI with the failed political ambitions of Andrew Yang, in the tech world it’s been touted as a strategy to offset job losses spurred by automation. Altman himself has been a vocal proponent of UBI for several years. During his time at Y Combinator, Altman planned to dole out as much as $60 million as part of a pilot study to test UBI’s feasibility. Altman also began speaking about the potential relationship between crypto and UBI as early as 2019. Read Full Article >

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