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Merriam-Webster Edits Definition For “Anti-Vaxxer” To Include Opponents Of Mandatory Jabs

(Zero Hedge) – In another horrifyingly Orwellian example of the media world powers-that-be – in this case, dictionary impresario Merriam-Webster, struggling for relevance in the digital age – the official definition of the word “anti-vaxxer” (a recent edition to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary) has been changed to include people who oppose forced inoculation mandates.

It’s a subtle, but still shocking, example of how the White House’s narrative trickles down through the media firmament, from the news, to talk shows, and even to the dowdy business of reference-book publishing.

RT reported on the change, citing a tweet from rapper and podcaster Zuby, who tweeted a photo of the changed definition with the caption “Welcome to 1984. This is The Ministry of Truth”.

Many others commented, with some noting that they now fit the definition of “anti-vaxxer”, a term that has sunk to just a notch above “nazi” in the parlance of American Social Justice Warriors.

Others pointed out that this is what happens when the left dominates the media landscape.

This isn’t the first time that Merriam-Webster has been embroiled in an ugly political episode. Back in October, Merriam-Webster edited its definition of the word “preference” to explicitly note that it is now considered “offensive” in reference to a person’s “sexual preference.” The revision helped back up Hawaii Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono when she accused Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett of being biased against gay people when she used the term as a synonym for ”sexual orientation.”

For the record, the term “anti-vaxxer” is relatively new, having entered the Merriam-Webster dictionary lexicon in 2009.The connotation is that anyone who expresses skepticism about vaccines or their safety is branded as an unhinged conspiracy theorist on par with the “9/11 truthers” or those who believe in the “Flat Earth” conspiracies.

In the 21st century, all media companies are being forced to find new ways to innovate and monetize, now that the fact that their entire dictionary is available online for free has started to cut into book sales growth, we suppose MW has, in its own way, decided to innovate. Since nobody cares about facts and the correct usage of words, it will just tell you whether using them will make you racist or not.

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