Climate the Movie

Climate the Movie, a new documentary featuring interviews with many distinguished scientists has arrived and is well worth watching.

The documentary was written and directed by the British filmmaker Martin Durkin. It is the sequel to his 2007 documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle.

Introduction of the movie by Tom Nelson

This film exposes the climate alarm as an invented scare without any basis in science. It shows that mainstream studies and official data do not support the claim that we are witnessing an increase in extreme weather events – hurricanes, droughts, heatwaves, wildfires and all the rest. It emphatically counters the claim that current temperatures and levels of atmospheric CO2 are unusually and worryingly high. On the contrary, compared to the last half billion years of earth’s history, both current temperatures and CO2 levels are extremely and unusually low. We are currently in an ice age. It also shows that there is no evidence that changing levels of CO2 (it has changed many times) has ever ‘driven’ climate change in the past.

The film is the perfect compliment to our Climate-Con and the Media Censorship series reinforcing many of the conclusions we reached about the fraud of climate science and scientific consensus.

Watch the film here:

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