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Orange County Supervisors Cancel Digital Coronavirus Vaccine Records as Hundreds Protest Against Vaccine Passports

(Voice Of OC) – Orange County Supervisors on Tuesday voted to stop looking into providing people with digital proof of coronavirus vaccinations following weeks of some residents railing against the idea, saying the move is a mandatory vaccine passport.

After being informed there were hundreds of public speakers on the issue, Supervisors Chairman Andrew Do proposed a vote to halt digital vaccine records during Tuesday’s public meeting.

“That is to pause for now and stop all work on developing a digital record or a QR code as a form of verification for vaccination — that’s it,” Do said.

He said he made the move “in order to take this issue off the table, so that way we don’t cause more confusion to residents who may want to get vaccinated.”

Public comment ended at 2:45 p.m. and Supervisors resumed the meeting just before 3 p.m.

Supervisors voted 4-1 to halt looking into providing digital vaccine records.

“What I’m talking about here is any system that would provide vaccination records for third parties to use in order to verify. In other words, any kind of verification system other than a CDC vaccination card,” Do said right before the vote.

For weeks, county Supervisors meetings have been ground to a halt by residents concerned about claims the county is going to force people to get the shot and mandate vaccine passports before going to businesses and county buildings.

At Tuesday’s meeting, roughly 500 people submitted cards to speak on the issue.

County officials have repeatedly said they’re not going to force shots on anyone, require proof of vaccination before entering a county building or make people carry proof of vaccinations.

But, OC officials have no say on private businesses who may want to make sure their customers are vaccinated.

Many residents wanted county supervisors to ban businesses from requiring proof of vaccinations at Tuesday’s meeting.


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