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Panama Joins Singapore As Latest Country to Adopt the IATA Travel Pass

by Jesse Smith | Truth Unmuted

The attempts to create a digital dragnet requiring people to provide COVID-19 test results to travel by air just got another shot in the arm as Panama becomes the latest country to accept the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Travel Pass scheme.

Regarding the collaboration between Panama and the IATA, Luis Oliva, Administrator General of the Authority of Government Innovation of Panama (AIG), stated:

This latest joint initiative highlights our shared commitment to drive the adoption of digital health certificates that facilitate the resumption of international air travel.

A live trial is set to begin in late May with the hopes of rolling it out to all passengers after the trial concludes. The goal is to help the government “with full assurance of passenger identity and the authenticity of the credentials being presented.”

Earlier this month, Singapore became the first country to officially adopt the Travel Pass. Beginning May 1, citizens traveling to Singapore will be able to use IATA’s app to share COVID-19 test results before departing and upon arrival at the immigration checkpoints at Changi Airport. Kevin Shum, Director-General of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) lauded the partnership with IATA in developing solutions to facilitate travel, stating:

This latest collaboration with IATA demonstrates our shared commitment to drive the adoption of digital health certificates and restore international air travel.

In addition to providing access to Covid test results, the Travel Pass can also store vaccination certificates as represented in the table below.


The IATA represents 290 airlines and 82% of total air traffic. Many of these airlines are currently trialing the Travel Pass as shown in the image below.


The IATA positions its Travel Pass as a way for governments, airlines, laboratories, and individuals to use a globalized and standardized system capable of validating and authenticating those who are “approved” to travel. Regarding digital health certificates the IATA, states:

Digital health certificates will be a key feature in air travel moving forward. Establishing trusted, secure solutions to verify the health credentials of travellers will be critical in facilitating smooth air travel and safeguarding public health. The IATA Travel Pass is a personal secure digital wallet solution that can be used by passengers to obtain and store their COVID-19 test results from accredited laboratories.

As I’ve detailed in Vaccine Passports and Medical Martial Law, many companies in addition to the IATA are developing these digital credential systems. While the adoption of these systems may seem innocuous on the surface, they could be used to create a caste system separating society between vaccinated and unvaccinated persons. Even worse, these digital travel apps could be the precursor to requiring digital identification of all persons globally.

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