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Some Ontario Stores are Requiring Babies to be Masked

A Guelph mother says she was following public health advice when she was asked to leave the premises of a nearby ski hill for not putting a mask on her 13-month-old son.

Rebecca Adam said she was picking up a ski badge on Sunday at Chicopee in Kitchener for her three-and-a-half year old daughter’s upcoming lessons.

“At the entrance I got turned down because my baby didn’t have on a mask,” said Adam. “I told her under two, Ontario law is no masks. She said it didn’t matter.”

At no time were Adam and her son indoors. She said people were only allowed to line up outside and that everyone was physically distanced.

Adam said she asked to speak to a manager, who reiterated there was no exceptions to the rule, not even for babies. She ended up walking away without getting the pass.

Adam sent an email to the CEO of Chicopee but it was not answered as of Tuesday evening.

GuelphToday contacted a second woman who said she had a similar experience, but did not want her name to be used in a story.

Reached by email on Tuesday, Chicopee CEO Bill Creighton told GuelphToday the facility is a not-for-profit organization and not an essential service.

“We work very hard to be an inclusive facility, accessible to all, and it’s unfortunate that during this unprecedented COVID pandemic we have had to make the hard decision to be a Mask only – “NO exceptions” facility for the safety of our staff and patrons this year,” said Creighton.

Adam said it’s not just Chicopee. When she took to social media to bring up the issue she said a number of people reached out to her to offer support, many with their own examples

“Lots of businesses around Guelph have asked parents to mask their babies when they enter their doors. There are dozens of stories you can get from local moms. Where are the boundaries?” she said. Read Full Article >

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