Spanish minister of equality says children ‘can love or have sexual relations with whomever they like’

(by Mary Zwicker | LifeSite News) – In what seems to be an attempt to normalize pedophilia, the Spanish minister of equality now says children should be allowed to engage in sexual acts as long as they provide “consent.” 

During a meeting of the Equality Commission of the Congress of Deputies in the Spanish parliament last Wednesday, Irene Montero, the minister of equality and member of the left-wing Podemos party, made comments on sex education for children, saying that children have the right to love or have sexual relations with “whomever they like.” 

“Talking about sex education is a right of boys and girls, regardless of families, all have the right to know their bodies, to know that no adult can touch their bodies if they themselves do not want to and to know that this is a form of violence,” Montero said.  Read Full Article >

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