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Technocracy’s War On The Essential Elements Of Life

(by Patrick Wood | Technocracy News) – The three most important elements that support life are oxygen, carbon and nitrogen. All are plentiful and all work together along with energy from the sun. All of these are under massive attack around the world.

Carbon dioxide is declared to be a pollutant and schemes are devised to bury it in the ground. The war is on carbon, but note that CO2 contains twice as many oxygen molecules as carbon. Without CO2, plants cannot grow, nor can they replenish oxygen necessary to breathe.

Nitrogen is the most plenteous gas in the atmosphere, but it too is declared to be a pollutant. Without nitrogen, agriculture comes to a screeching halt, potentially creating famines of epic magnitude. Yet, global warming death-cultists are trying to take away nitrogen fertilizers from farms and ranches all over the world.

The global warming death cult blames humans for all these problems that must be “corrected”. If their policies were carried to the extreme, earth would end up as a frozen ice ball whizzing around a dead sun.

This death cult is the prime driver of global depopulation ideology, not only for humans, but CO2-breathing animals as well. More CO2 is exhaled from humans than all other sources combined on earth. Reducing human population would also reduce animal populations as well as vegetation. The perfect solution, right?

The war on humanity and civilization is real, tangible and incredibly destructive. The war is being prosecuted by the evil twins of Technocracy and Transhumanism and it must be stopped before they can execute their final solution.

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