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There Are Only 90k Americans Worth Over $50 Million, the New IRS Army Isn’t For Them, It’s For YOU

(by Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project) – In response to the record inflation facing Americans currently — thanks to massive and irresponsible printing of money by the Federal Reserve — the US government has come up with a “plan.” This new plan involves doubling down on the same irresponsible fiscal behavior which brought us to this nightmare scenario in the first place, which is hundreds of billions in new spending.

This time, however, there will be a literal army of enforcers to take your money to pay back some of this interest to the Fed.

The Schumer-Manchin tax bill known as the Inflation Reduction Act, which passed the Senate on Sunday, raises taxes and allocates a whopping $80 billion to the Internal Revenue Service so they can increase enforcement. Just how big is “whopping”? The proposed increase is more than six times the current annual budget of the IRS which sits a $12.6 billion.

With this insane increase in spending, the IRS will be doubling their total workforce by hiring an additional 80,000 to 87,000 additional employees who will be trained to separate you from the product of your labor.

The plan is being lauded by Democrats who claim that this $80 billion and 87,000 more agents, are necessary and will be used to “crack down on wealthy tax evaders.” But this is simply not true.

According to an analysis from Credit Suisse, there are roughly 788 billionaires in the United States and roughly 89,510 people worth more than $50 million. If the establishment was truly concerned about going after the “wealthy,” they would only have about 90,000 folks to monitor. And, if they doubled their ranks, it would mean nearly two IRS agents per extremely wealthy individual.

In reality, this new army of wage thieves will be enforcing a system of slavery on the 99 percent of Americans below the “wealthy” range. Read Full Article >

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