By W. Gelles | State of the Nation

O say can you see
by the PCR test 
you’ve got seasonal flu
or else Covid-Nine-tee-een?
It cannot tell the difference—
It’s a fraudulent test.
It’s designed to convince you
to get the Vax-ee-een.
And This Lethal Kill-Shot
will make your blood clot
while the bursting spike proteins
mess your body up a lot.
O say does that False Propaganda still reign
O’er the land of TV
and the home of the insane?

TRULY INSANE are the policies being enforced in the United States of America, no longer a Republic—now a Biosecurity State marked by escalating totalitarian rule under a globalist cabal’s direction.  The COVID-19 “vaccines” do not meet any legal definition of vaccine or the FDA’s definition of vaccine.  They are extremely dangerous and often lethal bioweapons which have directly killed, paralyzed, crippled, maimed, or otherwise severely damaged millions of people in the United States and around the world, according to the governments’ official data.

The complicit Mainstream Media remains silent and looks the other way, in collusion with Big Pharma, Big Government, the Big Tech censors, the CIA, the banking cartel, WHO, WEF, and the globalist super-wealthy One-Hundred-Thousandth Of One Percent of humanity who own and control the newspapers, the TV stations, all major corporations, both political parties, the Federal Reserve, and the health bureaucracies of most nations.

The co-opted Mainstream Media writes the script—the Official Narrative—so that gullible people will believe “the vaccines are safe and effective”, “there is a genuine pandemic”, and “the unvaccinated are a threat to the rest of us.”  All of these statements are totally untrue, but the message is pounded into the brains of the sheeple 24/7 from every propaganda outlet.  And it has worked to fool the masses, to solidify their group cohesion under The Banner Of Fear…

Fear of a putative virus that has never been proven to exist, but assuming it does exist, is less dangerous than the seasonal flu as per the governments’ own statistics.

In other words, there was never any need for lockdowns, masks, social distancing, vaccine mandates, OR “VACCINES”.  Capiche?

It’s a sinister and well-coordinated psy-op, and we are the target and the victims.

The PCR test (funded and promoted by Bill Gates) is a total fraud because it is incapable of diagnosing any disease, as emphatically pointed out by Dr. Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize-winning inventor of the Polymerase Chain Reaction technique.  He strongly objected to its misuse in the COVID-19 scam.  He died very conveniently just a few weeks before the so-called Covid pandemic was announced.  The PCR test yields false-positives up to 97% of the time.  The CDC, FDA, and WHO have all officially admitted that the PCR test can’t tell the difference between COVID-19 and the seasonal flu.  Yet the scamdemic juggernaut hurtles forward, crushing people, small businesses, economies, lives, livelihoods, and nations, to fulfill an agenda of One World Government, depopulation, and technofascist control of humanity.

The genetic-cocktail COVID-19 “vaccines” are a grotesque global experiment that has already caused a genocide—and will kill millions more until it is stopped.  The COVID-19 genetic vaccine “is the most lethal medical product in history,” notes Dr. Vernon Coleman.  Dr. Michael Yeadon, Pfizer’s former Vice President and Chief Science Officer for Allergic and Respiratory Diseases, calls the Covid vaccination campaign a “global crime against humanity being perpetrated against a large proportion of the world’s population.”  He says these medically useless products serve only one conceivable purpose: depopulation.

The Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson “vaccines” force your body to manufacture billions of synthetic spike proteins, which are toxic, pathogenic (disease-causing), and blood-clot-producing (coagulatory).  The “vaccines” weaken your immune system, cause inflammation of heart, lung, brain, and kidneys, damage multiple organs, and inhibit your body’s ability to make helper T-cells and CD8 cells, thereby leaving the vaxxed wide open to multiple diseases, including cancer.

Both political parties in the USA support the vaccine holocaust through their cowardice and silence.  A few Republicans say “Stop the vaccine mandates.”   But no politician of either party dares to utter the obvious: “STOP THE VACCINES.”  Cut off the head of the snake.  (“When the head of a snake is cut off, the rest of his body is an ordinary rope.”—African proverb).

The dangerous Covid “vaccines” do not provide immunity or stop transmission of the virus, as the health bureaucrats and vaccine manufacturers now admit.  Their solution: endless boosters to destroy you, while Big Pharma rakes in trillions of dollars more.

No politician in America will stand up for me and you. They are all bought-and-paid-for by Big Pharma and Big Medicine. Only We The People can halt this insanity, a crime against humanity unprecedented in history.

All scientific debate and discussion is banned in the “New Normal”, as the censorship-supporting Liberals and other lobotomized lemmings line up for their jabs.  They obey the patently illegal and unconstitutional mandates of their mayors, governors, and employers.

“The land of the free and the home of the brave” no longer exists.  It’s now The Land Of The Brainwashed and the Home Of The Enslaved.

The Statue of Liberty is weeping tears of blood as America goes down the toilet.

The above song might as well be the new National Anthem—to be sung at all events, until America gets back its soul.

NOTE:  This revision of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” was inspired by Emily Skala, principal flutist of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) for 33 years, who was fired from her position after she refused to get the risky, experimental, unapproved COVID-19 injection and voiced her objections to the “vaccine” and mask mandates on social media.   The BSO is a stone’s throw away from the spot where Francis Scott Key wrote the first stanza of the anthem.

Emily Skala’s independence of mind, courage, and common sense are echoed by millions of Americans from all walks of life who refuse to get the kill-shots.  Tens of thousands have been fired from their jobs, while many more face dismissal under the USA’s collective psychosis.

China’s dictatorial rulers must surely be rolling over with laughter and glee as the U.S. Armed Services commits suicide by forcing all service members to get the jab.  The genetic-based “vaccines” of Pfizer and Moderna were created when a Chinese biowarfare laboratory controlled by the Chinese military uploaded to U.S. labs a computer simulation model of what China claimed was the spike protein of the alleged SARS-CoV-2 virus.  The U.S. vaccine companies used this computer modeling to create their genetic-modification biologics, falsely labeled “vaccines”, which force the vaccinee’s body to manufacture billions of synthetic spike proteins supposedly identical to what the Chinese say they discovered.

Good luck with that, suckers!  You’ve been conned.  And Anthony Fauci should be arrested immediately for perjury before Congress, treason, and other crimes, scrupulously documented in Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s new book The Real Anthony Fauci.

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