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The Dutch gov’t is at the forefront of the World Economic Forum’s totalitarian food revolution

(by Jeanne Smits | LifeSite News) – Protests in the Netherlands against “climate laws” that threaten to shut down 30 percent of livestock farms in the country and force farmers to use less fertilizer, bringing down crop yields, are continuing all over the country.  

There was a new twist this Friday: angry fishermen have joined a “playful” protest on the island of Texel, declaring it a “free republic.” Texel, the largest island in the “lion’s tail” of northern Holland, could lose half of its already dwindling fleet, and its traditional landscape of harbours and pastures could disappear if the “nitrogen oxide policy” of the Dutch government, which also targets fisheries, is implemented. 

Many ordinary citizens joined in the fun, displaying peasant kerchiefs on their bicycles. The popular holiday destination saw farmers distributing informative leaflets and specially printed “passports” warning the population that the local community would change under the climate laws forced upon the population by the UN and the European Union via the complicit national government. Read Full Article >

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