Canadian Carbon Tax Protest
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Thousands of Canadians Gathered Nationwide to Protest Carbon Tax

by Clare Marie Merkowsky | LifeSite News

Canadians across the country have launched Freedom Convoy-styled protests against Trudeau’s carbon tax hike.  

On April 1, thousands of Canadians took to the streets to protest Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s 23 percent carbon tax increase on the same day, with some blocking major highways in Maritime and Western provinces.  

“This is a peaceful event aimed at uniting Canadians for a common cause & We will be holding the line indefinitely until our mission objective is achieved,” Nationwide Protest Against Carbon Tax, the group organising the protest, wrote on its website.   

“Join us in this steadfast commitment to ensure our voices are heard and our goals are realized,” it continued. “Together, we stand for change.” 

The protest aimed to cause interprovincial border strikes on highways across Canada. The guidelines requested that protestors keep at least one center lane open for traffic. Read Full Article > 

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