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Trudeau joins European countries pursuing environmental policies that will affect farmers, food supply

(by Michael J. DaPos | LifeSite News) – You may have heard about the recent string of demonstrations led by farmers that have broken out across the Netherlands and other countries like Italy, Germany, and Poland to protest the adoption of excessive environmental policies that could potentially lead to the closure of countless farms, killing jobs and ending livelihoods in the process.

Unfortunately, the same kind of environmental extremism that has given way to these protests has made its way to the western world, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hasn’t hesitated to confirm which side of the argument he falls on with the ongoing implementation of his own job-killing, farm-destroying nitrogen emissions cap.

First unveiled in 2020, the Trudeau government’s climate plan — clearly modeled after the collective globalist vision for the future of environmental regulation — seeks to reduce nitrous oxide emissions in Canada from its 2020 levels by 30% by the year 2030. Most of the emissions targeted by the plan tend to result from fertilizers commonly used by farmers. Read Full Article >

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