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UN Secretary-General Again Calls for Crackdown on ‘Disinformation’

(by Catherine Salgado | Newsbusters) – United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres just issued a statement calling for governments and tech companies to increase their censorship of alleged “disinformation” online.

Guterres called for more censorship during the Digital Transformation session of the G20 Summit on Nov. 16.

But then again, Guterres previously praised the “great achievements” of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), so it’s hardly surprising he wants restrictions on speech.

Guterres began his recent remarks by calling for a freer internet, portraying himself as a free speech advocate and noting the “harm” of “suppression of free speech.” He also called for “fewer barriers” online. So far, so good. But Guterres was quick to explain that free speech does not include supposed “disinformation.”

“But free speech is not a free pass,” Guterres stated. “The Global Digital Compact should consider the responsibility of governments, tech companies and social media platforms to prevent online bullying and deadly disinformation that undermines democracy, human rights and science.”

The UN head then called for a global internet “code of conduct.” Read Full Article >

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