US Ex-Presidents Join Forces to Tout COVID Vaccine in New Ad Campaign

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The propaganda campaign to get everyone to take an experimental vaccine is ramping up just as I predicted with Beware The Vaccine Pt. 3. As I mentioned in the article, patriotism would be used to get you to comply. To reinforce this message, former U.S. Presidents and their spouses have been enlisted to tout how safe and effective these vaccines are and it’s your patriotic duty to take one.

The living former US presidents, with the exception of ex-POTUS Donald Trump, were joined by their spouses recently to promote national confidence in the COVID-19 vaccination in two ad campaigns released Thursday, according to copies of the videos shown by NBC News.

​One of the videos, lasting a minute, shows images of former presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, as well as former first ladies Rosalynn Carter, Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush and Michelle Obama, receiving their jabs.

The camera zooms in on the former presidents hailing the fact that the COVID-19 vaccines are available to millions of Americans.

“In order to get rid of this pandemic, it’s important for our fellow citizens to get vaccinated…So roll up your sleeve and do your part,” says Bush in the ad, which is part of the “It’s Up To You” campaign.

In Bill Clinton’s words, inoculation paves the way for the US to “go back to work” and “to be able to move around.”

“This is our shot,” Clinton is heard saying, as close-ups of him and his wife being vaccinated are shown.

Barack Obama waxes sentimental, saying in the footage that he longs to hug his mother-in-law and see her on her birthday. George W. Bush shares his hopes of being able to attend a packed Texas Rangers stadium on Opening Day.

Jimmy Carter holds up his vaccination record card in the video, saying:

“Now it’s up to you.”

​The other, 30-second clip, offers footage of Clinton, Bush and Obama talking during President Joe Biden’s inauguration in January.

The video, shot when a message was also recorded to tout a “peaceful transition of power” ahead of Biden’s inauguration on 20 January, features Barack Obama saying that inoculation is the “first step to ending the pandemic and moving our country forward.”

The videos are a joint effort of the Ad Council, which coordinates public service announcements, and COVID Collaborative, a group of health, education and economic experts, claim sources cited by the outlet.

The clips featuring the former presidents placed particular emphasis on the safety of the vaccines.

“The science is clear… these vaccines will protect you and those you love from this dangerous and deadly disease. They could save your life,” says Bill Clinton.

The three former POTUSes, Clinton, Bush and Obama, were reportedly vaccinated weeks earlier, having offered in December 2020 to make their inoculations public, with footage of the events saved for subsequent use by the campaign. Read Full Article >

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