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Vaccination Becomes New Ordinance as More Churches Ban Worship for the Unvaccinated

(by Reformation Charlotte) – In a definitely disturbing trend, a growing number of churches are beginning to implement policies to restrict the biblical command to worship corporately to only those who’ve succumbed to the world’s demands to inject one’s body with experimental chemicals.

As we reported at our sister site, The Dissenter, the entire concept of mandatory vaccinations is rooted in Marxist thought. It’s not that we take a particular side on the efficacy of vaccines in general, it’s that we believe that the choice to inject a chemical concoction into one’s body should be an issue of one’s own conscience and personal decision.

As more and more so-called churches–including at least one of the campuses at former Southern Baptist Pastor, JD Greear’s Summit Church–announce proof of vaccination as a requirement for attending corporate worship, it should be noted that this addition to the gospel is not only a dangerous precedent for the Church but wholly condemned in Scripture.

Vaccination is not a church ordinance and worship, under any circumstances, must not be withheld from anyone who has, according to their own conscience, abstained from the vaccines.

Now, another church is adding proof of vaccination to the list of requirements for corporate worship. Pastor Jim Head-Corliss of Kent United Methodist Church, Kent, WA, recently stated this in a church announcement video.

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