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Vaccination Mandate Sparks Rallies in Prague and Other Cities

(by Mary Viilareal | Natural News) – Protesters at Wenceslas Square in Central Prague questioned the effectiveness of the current vaccines and went on to reject the vaccination of children as the government ordered compulsory COVID-19 vaccination for individuals in different groups and professions. The nation of 10.7 million already fully vaccinated 6.7 million, while over 2.8 million received their booster shots.

The protest followed smaller demonstrations in smaller cities in the Czech Republic on Saturday, as the previous government released an order in early December that made vaccination mandatory for those in the 60 and over age group as well as for medical personnel, police officers, firefighters and medical students. Protests took place in Ústí nad Labem, Olomouc, Karlovy Vary and others, although the highest turnout was in Brno, with a reported 2,000-strong turnout.

Because the order will not be in effect until March, it can still get overturned as Prime Minister Andrej Babis’ administration was replaced later in December by a new one formed by five parties that won October’s parliamentary election and is now led by Prime Minister Petr Fiala.

While the new administration opposed the mandates for the older population, it did not rule out the possibility that it may remain compulsory for some, depending on the development of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in the country. The government is expected to announce the final decision about the mandate by the middle of February.

Meanwhile, health authorities expect the omicron variant to become the dominant strain in the country beginning next week, while countries around the globe are now dealing with a winter surge of the infections driven mostly by the omicron variant, which, though less severe than previous strains, remain more infectious.

No major incidents were reported following the rallies, though the Brno crowd was said to have ignored police requests to observe social distancing and other safety measures.

The Otev?eme ?esko (We Will Open Czechia) group of protesters originally formed to protest the closure of restaurants and other venues during the height of the restrictions in the country, but they are now focusing on measures related to vaccination, as mandatory vaccination for select groups is being considered.

On Friday, January 7, the Czech Republic reported 6,666 new COVID-19 cases, which is about 1,700 more than just a week ago, according to their Health Ministry. The number of patients hospitalized, however, has decreased, with around 2,500 patients reported, compared to 3,120 the previous Friday. Their incidence rate is now at 404 cases per 100,000 people in the last seven days. Read Full Article >

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