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Why Has The World Economic Forum Published At Least 3 Whitepapers On Facial Recognition Since March 2020 ? Big Brother Is Watching.

(by threadsirish | Substack) – If you thought that travelling abroad or getting access to pubs and cafes via a vaccine passport was an assault on your body and your rights then I’m afraid that was only the tip of the ice berg. Here’s why…

In February 2020 just before Covid was beginning to shut down the world, the World Economic Forum published a paper called

A Framework for Responsible Limits on Facial Recognition Use Case: Flow Management

The purpose of the paper was to implement the use of facial technology through a project based in France. The opening paragraph is quite telling

“Over the past decade, facial recognition has emerged as one of the most powerful biometric technologies, capable of identifying and verifying a person by comparing and analysing patterns based on that individual’s facial contours”

There you have it “identifying and verifying a person”. That could never be abused, could it ? The WEF continue

“The goal of this initiative is to establish a governance framework for facial recognition technology that has been tested on site”

A governance framework. I think we can all see where this is heading. The WEF naturally throw in their disclaimer in the same introduction when they say

“As this is an issue that concerns questions related to individual and collective rights and freedoms, citizens and their democratic representatives are the only legitimate decision-makers with respect to the uses they wish to promote or restrict and the conditions under which the technology should be used. Our ambition is to empower citizens and representatives as they navigate the different trade-offs they will face along the way”

Have you ever heard such nonsense. All democracy, rights and freedoms have been taken away for the last 2.5 years. There are no trade-offs as far as the WEF are concerned. You will do as you are told.

Within the document they break down the use of how facial recognition can be used such as face access, safety and security of public spaces, marketing and customer services and healthcare services. No stone has been left unturned.

Now you could just claim that it is another coincidence that the paper was published at the same time that Covid was deemed a global health emergency. However, we have seen a lot of coincidences with the WEF these last 2.5 years.

Just 4 months later in July 2020 another Whitepaper appeared called Critical Frontier: Leveraging Technology to Combat COVID-19

This paper was in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group who are in WEF

They make no bones about how they were planning to use facial recognition when they say

“In cooperation with local governments, technology is being deployed to prevent sick individuals from traveling in public. Technologies include cameras, drones and robots, and are adapted to work during pandemic: e.g. using thermal camera identification, facial recognition of people wearing masks and smart helmet technology, among others”

Remember this was the very early months of Covid. The plan was surveillance from the outset. It is interesting to note that they say “technology is being deployed to prevent sick individuals from traveling in public”. The undoubted long term plan is to use technology to prevent individuals from travelling.

You would think by this stage that 2 white papers on Facial recognition technology would be more than enough. You would however be very wrong. Probably most interesting of all was the paper published 18 months into the “pandemic” in October 2021 called

A Policy Framework for Responsible Limits on Facial Recognition Use Case: Law Enforcement Investigations

What was particularly striking about this paper was the parties involved in writing it. Interpol, UNICRI, Politie and WEF. Read Full Article >

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