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Worldcoin Reaches 500K Argentinians with Digital ID Verified at an Orb

(by Jim Nash | Biometric Update) – Half-a-million people in Argentina have verified their Worldcoin Foundation digital identity at one of the foundation’s Orb iris biometrics scanners.

That’s equal to 1 percent of the nation’s population and considered cause for celebration by Worldcoin. At least two other nations have higher adoption rates, according to the foundation.

Worldcoin has also announced a new verification policy that executives say will “ensure inclusivity and efficiency” for people in Argentina going through the in-app process.

“Almost 3 million” individuals worldwide have verified their World ID internet passport using an Orb, according to the organization.

The foundation says the passport works with Shopify, Telegram, Minecraft and Reddit. World ID holders also can claim regularly distributed grants of cybercurrency WLD tokens, where national regulations allow. Okta has even added Worldcoin authentication to the Auth0 marketplace.

It claims verifications are occurring in Chile, Singapore, Portugal, Germany, Spain and the United States. After regulatory hurdles faced in Kenya, that nation has approved Worldcoin’s model.

Chile’s adoption rate reportedly is 1.5 percent and Portugal’s is 2.5 percent. Of the countries listed by Worldcoin, the U.S. is least likely to have matched Argentina, where the crypto incentive is barred.

The foundation’s digital wallet, known as the World App, can show users where an IEC-certified Orb can be found, schedule a scan and take advantage of the new scheduling feature.

That policy gives wallet holders a window of up to three hours for a scheduled biometric verification appointment. According to Worldcoin, windows will be up to an hour before the appointment and up to two hours after it.

It’s a reaction to long lines for verifications in Argentina. Executives say the flexibility will shorten wait times. It also is an enticement to get the World App.

Worldcoin’s stated goal with its digital ID program is to give everyone on Earth, and particularly those with no documentation, secure identification.

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