Economist - The World in 20212020 was probably the most difficult year many people across the world have ever experienced. I can’t tell you how many times I heard people say that they “couldn’t wait for the year to be over”, believing that things would change for the better in 2021. As I look at the landscape of today’s world, sadly my 2021 forecast is fraught with negative possibilities. This is not based on any special insight, but simply by analyzing the facts and trends that are in view. As the slot machine on the cover of The Economist magazine reveals, it seems like any outcome is possible. Without further ado and in no specific order, here are my 10 predictions for 2021 and beyond.

#1 – Global Agendas Will Accelerate as Joe Biden Takes Office as President

Now that Congress has certified that Joe Biden will be inaugurated as the next U.S. President, expect a quick resumption of progressive, globalist policies to obliterate the trend toward nationalism under President Trump. Biden has already indicated he would reenter the Paris Climate Accord, Iran nuclear deal, and possibly even reignite the Trans-Pacific Partnership. He has talked about ending the use of fossil fuels and implementing a Green New Deal supporting UN Agenda 2030 sustainability goals. In addition, Biden’s economic plan leans heavily toward the tenets espoused by Klaus Schwab in his demand for a Great Reset.

President-Elect Biden has stated that the pandemic should be used to “rewrite the social contract” of the United States and called for the end of shareholder capitalism, the current economic system of much of the western world. Biden’s “Build Back Better” campaign theme has also been utilized by globalist entities such as the United Nations, World Economic Forum, and Friends of the Earth. World leaders like Boris Johnson, Justin Trudeau, and Jacinda Ardern also used the slogan in connection with reshaping their countries’ social and economic structure in the aftermath of the COVID crisis. Expect rapid and radical changes to take place throughout the year in the U.S. and the world now that globalism reenters the forefront of the American political agenda. 

#2 – The COVID-19 “Plandemic” Will Not Recede

Fear of the coronavirus will intensify. The media will continue over the top reporting of record-breaking cases and deaths without verification to create an atmosphere of panic and hysteria.

More coronavirus mutations will emerge. Officials will use the discovery of new and supposedly more contagious strains of coronavirus from the UK, South Africa, and others to be identified in the coming months to manipulate the population into accepting the continuation of draconian policies. Expect a new name for the coronavirus mutations such as COVID-21.

Lockdowns, social distancing, and mandatory mask policies will continue indefinitely as new excuses to keep them in place continue to emerge. In December, Biden advocated for a mandatory mask policy for the first 100 days of his presidency. Doctors have recently asked him to mail N95 masks to every U.S. household.

COVID isolation/quarantine camps will be implemented. CDC issued a report last July discussing this approach and its possible ramifications. Canada and New Zealand have already implemented these policies. Now New York has introduced a bill (A416) that would allow officials to remove people from their homes and place them in special facilities if deemed a case, contact or carrier of a communicable disease. If the legislation passes, expect these types of bills to be introduced in other U.S. states. 

#3 – Pressure to be Vaccinated Will Increase

Despite heavy resistance and growing hesitancy regarding COVID-19 vaccines, paranoia about the continued viral mutations will intensify the calls for mandatory vaccination. Watch for states to introduce new laws requiring vaccination against COVID. New York’s proposed A416 bill would require mandatory vaccination or other prescribed treatments.

Vaccine rollouts will happen more swiftly. President-Elect Biden pledged to speed up distribution of the vaccines once he takes office. Expect pro vaccine propaganda to escalate while information regarding vaccine-related injury and death will be suppressed.

The current crop of vaccines will fail. I believe vaccines from Moderna, Pfizer/BioNTech, AstraZeneca and others that may be approved this year will ultimately prove ineffective and dangerous. To date, none of them have been proven to stop transmission as clinical trial data revealed they only serve to reduce symptoms. As news that the  clinical trials were a sham spreads, and reports of adverse events emerges from alternative media, expect a new approach to getting everyone vaccinated.

Quantum dot (microneedle) tattoo vaccine patches will replace the current vaccines. Already in development, the vaccine patches can be self-administered and delivered to households via mail. Expect adoption of the microneedle patch to lead to mandatory vaccine passports/certificates, digital identification, and development of more invasive IoB technologies.

#4 – Plans for the Great Reset Will be Rapidly Adopted and Implemented

The World Economic Forum will host its annual meeting from May 18 to 21 in Lucerne-Bürgenstock, Switzerland around the theme of “The Great Reset.” In addition, digitally convened meetings will take place during the week of January 25 for global leaders to share their views on the state of the world. Expect radical changes to the global economy; implementation of draconian climate control and environmental policies; adoption of new, experimental, and potentially dangerous technology; broader use of artificial intelligence, drones, and surveillance systems; growth of the Internet of Things and Internet of Bodies; and more planned smart cities.

#5 – A Global Economic Crash and Worldwide Depression Will Birth Digital Currency and Social Credit Systems

Experts have been warning for a while that the global economy is unsustainable and is due for a complete collapse. Exacerbated by the pandemic and tying in to calls for the Great Reset, could this collapse happen in 2021? The response to the pandemic has permanently shuttered thousands of businesses, increased government dependency, and plunged millions worldwide into the depths of joblessness, poverty, and homelessness.

With unabated money printing in the U.S. and continued devaluation of the dollar worldwide, all signs indicate the current economic recession will lead to a second “great depression.” Expect massive amounts of companies across various industries to file for bankruptcy. Many airlines, travel and tourist related industries will fold. Restaurants and the food service industry will be wiped out. The 99% will be beholden to the 1% and Universal Basic Income (UBI) will become a hot topic as people look to governments for relief from the depression.

There may come a time when cash and debit card usage becomes obsolete as the push for a global digital currency takes center stage. To participate in this new system, you will have to have a digital ID. In addition, benefits and privileges that go along with the cashless, digital economy will be tied into a social credit system. The social credit system will control who is allowed to buy and sell based on social behavior and compliance with government demands. Surveillance techniques such as facial recognition, DNA and biometric data, social media monitoring, bodily implants, consumer data reports, and mobile app tracking will all be utilized to monitor everything you do and compile your score.

#6 – Famine and Supply Chain Shortages Will Transform the Food System

The coronavirus “plandemic” has already served to increase hunger and poverty among the world’s most vulnerable. As the economic situation deteriorates, these problems will only be exacerbated. The Global Syndicate believes it has the answer to eliminate these problems. Goal 2 of the UN’s Agenda 2030 plan calls for ending hunger, improving food security, and promoting sustainable agriculture. However, what most are unaware of is that the solutions to achieve these goals involve the following:

Many throughout the world already experienced shortages of needed goods as grocery and retail store shelves were emptied in the early months of the pandemic. Expect this to happen again when new rounds of lockdowns are implemented. It would be wise to start planning for this now!

#7 – Civil Liberties Will Continue to Erode and National Security Measures Will Expand

Expect increased censorship, fact-checking, and outright removal of information and alternative voices from the Internet. Those who disagree with globalist policies and the official narratives they funnel to the media should expect continued suppression. If Big Tech can get away with banning a U.S. President from their social platforms, anything and everything is on the table in 2021. Views dissenting from politically correct discourse will be increasingly labeled as hate speech as zero tolerance policies will be introduced to punish those who dare to go against the grain.

As the “plandemic” rages on and other threats emerge and intensify, expect calls for national security to be beefed up. This could lead to widespread usage of checkpoints, contact tracing, immunity passports, and even a declaration of martial law to curtail individual freedom.

#8 – Terror Attacks (virtual and physical) Cause Unprecedented Devastation

At last July’s Cyber Polygon event, a warning shot was fired as World Economic Forum CEO Klaus Schwab warned of a potential cyberattack that would make the COVID-19 crisis seem like a “small disturbance.” Since then, there has been an unprecedented number of cyberattacks on banks and financial companies, health care networks, hospitals, schools, local, state and federal government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, utility companies and more. The CEO of Crowdstrike, a leading cybersecurity company, called 2020 the worst year ever for cyberattacks. The Solar Winds attack alone breached the networks of over 18,000 businesses and institutions including:

In addition, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is taking steps to prepare against a possible EMP weapon attack that could disrupt the electrical grid and all devices that rely on it.

The Nashville, Tennessee bombing in December and recent security breach at the U.S. Capitol as protesters stormed the building, have placed national security and intelligence agencies on high alert for increasing “domestic terror” events. Whether false flag or real events, expect the government to increasingly utilize them to vilify, ostracize, and paint conservatives, resistance movements, vaccine and lockdown critics, and those voicing dissent over government policies as “domestic terrorists.”

#9 – Rhetoric and a Real Threat of Civil and Foreign Wars Intensify

In today’s climate, civil discourse is almost obsolete. Government dysfunction is ripping apart the fabric of the nation. Hatred toward “others” is at all-time highs. The wealth gap is rapidly increasing. Extremist ideologies are proliferating. Violence is intensifying, as Black Lives Matter and Antifa demonstrated throughout last summer. Armed militias and resistance movements are on the rise.

The current political environment in the U.S. is probably the most divisive since the Civil War. Many across the landscape have stated that a new civil war is inevitable. As Joe Biden takes office, expect the divisions to become even more pronounced. Could this lead to Americans taking up arms against one another? Will the government employ violence against American citizens? Only time will tell, but the possibilities only increase as people on each side of the political spectrum feel more marginalized by government and those on the “other” side.

The threat of a foreign war is also possible as tensions grow by the day between the U.S., Russia, Iran, Syria, and China. Russia was recently blamed for the Solar Winds attack. Iran has issued an arrest warrant for President Trump for war crimes. China and the U.S. are seemingly at odds over just about everything! This powder keg of world powers possessing the most devasting arsenal of nuclear, biological, and technical weapons could explode at any time. A world war would serve the cause of the Global Syndicate by allowing them to reshape the world from the devastation a new global war would certainly cause.

#10 – Rise and Adoption of Alternative Media Sources Will Lead to a Great Awakening

I’ll admit this is more of a hope than an actual prediction. It is imperative that people with views diametrically opposed to the global world order being erected continue to network with other like-minded people outside the ecosystem of mainstream platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. 2020 saw an unprecedented amount of account suspensions, content removals and warnings, and fact-checking from the major social networks and search engines. Expect this trend to continue as another massive purge of alternative voices is sure to take place.

Though already under attack, platforms such as Parler, Gab, Bitchute, Minds, Telegram, and many others are all gaining traction as viable ways to communicate without censorship. The more Big Tech and government employ censorship, the more people will flock to these alternatives. Hopefully the technology on these platforms continues to improve so real communities can be built and sustained. People are looking for solutions to global tyranny, and these platforms hold promise and are worthy of support.

Digital platforms will never solely suffice for creating and sustaining grassroots resistance. Societies need to get back to having face-to-face meetings with community leaders, law enforcement, and government officials. Lockdowns and social distancing made this type of organizing difficult on purpose, but is a must if freedom is to continue.

Much of the Great Reset and New World Order takeover depends on continued use and adoption of new technology. Resisting these technological enslavements is imperative. While we still have a constitution and Bill of Rights, people in the U.S. need to continue to assert their rights. After all, a right not exercised is a right lost.

Resistance is NOT Futile

These measures are only the tip of the iceberg required to defeat the globalist forces. It is my hope that if enough people wake up, take a stand, and resist the evil plans being created, these agendas will fail. At the moment, this does not seem likely as so many remain brainwashed by propaganda and blinded by fear. The insouciant will pay the heaviest price.

What I hope for even more is that every single one of these predictions simply do not materialize! However, given the current trends, I will continue to expose the darkness and fight the good fight for as long as possible. I hope that others will be enlightened and prepared for the possibilities this article has discussed. Please don’t hesitate to share it with others.

It sounds cliched, but ultimately love will conquer hate. Faith will overcome fear. Courage in the face of adversity will lead to victory. You can be the face of change by adopting this same mindset and encouraging others to do the same. Lastly, do whatever is in your power to resist tyranny wherever you reside!


  1. Please don’t forget as an alternative free speech DECENTRALIZED social platform (replace of facebook) for future communication

  2. i find a huge % of people want to be willfully ignorant, lazy, lukewarm, blind, miserable, indifferent, high minded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God…these people refuse to wake up and make no mistake; these people will sell you out in an instant to save their own skin. Like it or not, we are all responsible and played a part in our current state and now we must all play our part in resolving this. It would be great if we could put the blame on one individual then the fix would be simple. Looking for the 1 person, a superman to save us isn’t going to happen either. That person came even said all this was going to happen 50 yrs ago and was vindicated by God himself witnessed by thousands and you and the world blew him away. Here’s your reward America…agenda 21, 30, 35…great reset…as a nation i will not pray for you being dead already. Any good loving person can still make a difference. Here is the only thing that will save anybody and there’s NO OTHER OPTIONS. We must all pray, as individuals repent from unbelief be baptized in the name of “JESUS CHRIST” the Word and receive the token that will endow you with the power you need to overcome your fear and do whatever needs to be done. Remember! God has already promised us the end result.

  3. there is no escape since globalist bankster power in past thinktanks have all precalculated and keep
    the publik uninformed with their MSM lies and the people are realy sleeping not guessing what will
    be the next move in this satanical chess game of the plutocrates. its realy realy sad that here are
    no other comentors. americans you have to stand up now, you have arms, we europeans not, only
    our exploiters . you americans have to save USA from this biden communism to save the rest of

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