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2013 Rockefeller Paper “Predicts” Isolation & Death Of Physical Interaction

by Marc Slavo |

A paper written by the Rockefeller Foundation (the elitists that control the rulingclasses of the world) predicted planned the isolation and death of physical interaction. It also planned for the formation of complete enslavement of mankind using the Global Health Police.

Is it just an odd coincidence that the elitists who seek ultimate permanent control over humanity seemed to know exactly what would happen in 2013? I’ll let you decide. But here’s the information:

At the 2013 Global Health Summit in Beijing, China, 112 key individuals from governments, the private sector, international organizations, and other groups, met to discuss how the next 100 years of global health may look. The summit released a white paper, titled: Dreaming the Future of Health for the Next 100 Years, which was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. -Insight History

If you can stomach it, read the entire thing. It’s their road map to convince all humans around the globe to accept their enslavement to the elitists, using the ruling-class puppets to institute draconian restrictions that many in the public find acceptable. This is just one more reason to wake up to the fact the government is slavery. Anyone who thinks they have the right to take from you or control you in any way is your master and you are their slave.  We have to wake up, folks.  This is the end game.

Clearly, this report includes many insights relating to the kind of world elite networks of power see coming into view, from the death of physical interaction to a global international currency. The future is not decided, however, and, ultimately, your future will be shaped by you – by what you accept, oppose, and desire. –Insight History

Knowing is half the battle. Once we understand that these people will stop at nothing short of complete control over every aspect of every human’s life and that control amounts to slavery, we can finally stand together and oppose this on a massive scale.  There are not enough enforcers on this planet to control us once we figure it out and come together. Our future is what we make it and it is as simple as getting off your knees and refusing to be ruled any longer.

This is all a part of their agenda. They want us in chains and the more who are willing, distracted, deceived and divided, the worse it’ll be for everyone.

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