by Didi Rankovich | Reclaim The Net

The founder of one of the tech’s worst (security, fair competitiveness, you name it) offenders, Microsoft, the lover of vaccine and agricultural experiments in “the third world” and, who by now dares doubt it, a consummate “philanthropist” – one Bill Gates – has announced that he has “found inspiration in India.”

With some justified trepidation, you might now hesitate to ask – inspiration to do what, exactly?

There seems to have been a meeting of the minds during the recent visit of Gates to India. There was an encounter with the country’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, specifically about the way the world’s “biggest democracy” (by population) goes about implementing digital public infrastructure (DPI).

It is a term that in alarming unison crops up in various UN, EU, and associated groups’ policies and statements – a buzzword that denotes the plan to introduce digital ID and digital payments literally wherever on Earth possible, by 2030.

One of India’s key DPI components is called Aadhaar, a digital ID system, and while in the country, Gates didn’t miss the opportunity to also meet with Infosys co-founder Nandan Nilekani, who is a co-creator of India’s massively controversial Aadhaar system. Read Full Article >

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