National Security Plan Implied Using Pandemic ‘Exercises’ to Create ‘Public Fear’

(by Robert L. Kinney III | LifeSite News) – A 2018 document ordered by the Obama-Biden administration and Congress suggested using “biothreat” exercises and communication strategies to “expedite desired response actions,” further hinting at a planned COVID pandemic.

Several previous articles provided information which, when combined, may lead the reasonable person to conclude that the COVID-19 pandemic may be some sort of pre-planned hoax, ruse, ploy, secret/covert national security exercise, “false flag,” or other type of strategic deception enacted by the U.S. federal government and international governments.

While it is probably not impossible to completely falsify a pandemic by falsifying information about a virus which really does not exist, one of the COVID-is-a-hoax hypotheses includes the more likely scenario that a mostly not dangerous coronavirus which causes the common cold was already infecting humans for many years. Then, after years of planning, at the beginning of 2020, powerful government entities either publicly identified the coronavirus for the first time or renamed and “re-branded” an already publicly identified common-cold causing coronavirus, falsely claimed it is new and “novel,” falsely claimed that it is much more dangerous than it really is, and falsified numbers of cases and deaths in part to cause public fear and uncertainty. Motivations for falsifying a pandemic may be different for different persons involved.

The recent articles mentioned that some of the strongest evidence suggesting that COVID-19 is some sort of a hoax can be deduced from U.S. federal laws which were changed soon before COVID-19. One major law change in October 2019 seemingly attempted to ensure that U.S. government officials could potentially legally falsify an “emerging threat,” such as a coronavirus pandemic, as a National Security Exercise. This is a very big deal. In fact, this 2019 U.S. federal law update allowing for “emerging” threat national exercises is likely significant enough by itself to support the claim that COVID-19 is likely some sort of national security exercise, hoax, etc.

The basic argument which was mentioned in a previous article is significant enough to repeat: the apparently implied intent of the U.S. federal government legalizing “emerging” threats in the National Exercise Program in October of 2019 was to perform such an emerging threat national exercise sometime after October of 2019.

Then, in early 2020, a coronavirus pandemic (an “emerging infectious disease threat”) reportedly began in New York City and then reportedly spread throughout the nation. Mere coincidence of the two events – U.S. federal law change allowing “emerging” threat national exercises followed by a national pandemic of an emerging infectious disease threat – is possible but unlikely due to the uncommonness of “emerging infectious disease” pandemics. Therefore, a reasonable person may conclude that there is a high probability that the COVID-19 pandemic is a hoax, national (and international) “exercise,” or other type of planned falsified event.

Another potentially significant indicator that COVID-19 is a hoax was U.S. Congress changing the legal definition of “biological product” only a few weeks before the reported emergence of COVID-19; this seemingly ensured mRNA COVID-19 products could be labeled as “vaccines” and then forcibly injected into Americans after draconian mandatory vaccination rules and regulations – if the proper national emergency situation expedited such an opportunity.

And only a few weeks after the change in the U.S. federal law governing vaccines, a coronavirus pandemic national emergency provided such an opportunity for mRNA injections to be forced into the bodies of Americans by the federal government. Again, coincidence is possible but a reasonable person could say it is unlikely.

And then there was the COVID-19 pandemic information provided by the government in the beginning which was questionable enough to suggest that the numbers of COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths were incorrect and potentially deliberately falsified. Then there is the question of whether the average person can tell if others, like public health officials and politicians, were pretending or acting, as some thought the COVID-19 pandemic reporting early in the pandemic was “made-for-TV.” and an attempt to deliberately cause public fear and uncertainty.

Still other indicators are discovered within U.S. government “public health security” laws and documents, some from the Obama-Biden administration which order the FBI, CDC, and others to implement the Global Health Security Agenda, link law enforcement with public health, and describe plans to prepare for pandemics and other “emerging infectious disease threats” through national level exercises.

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