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New Zealand’s Quarantine Program Utilizes Digital ID Wallets

(by Didi Rankovich | Reclaim The Net) – The news of yet another example of the pandemic being used as what looks to the authorities like an excellent excuse to introduce some new form of digital IDs and advance the usage of such tools is arriving from New Zealand.

The country’s Managed Isolation and Quarantine (MIQ) government program that during the pandemic operated by keeping records manually is now switching to JNCTN-produced software tools that will serve as digital ID verification for the MIQ staff.

Going forward, the quarantine program employees will have their certification, clearances, training, etc., tracked in this way, appropriate to the environment they are in.

The importance of the move to a digital ID wallet is particularly pronounced since MIQ was one of the key components in New Zealand’s rigid and often radical manner of dealing with Covid.

Not only that, but the approach to the problem reflected in a massive operation. During the pandemic that involved more than 14,000 people and 650 organizations in running MIQ facilities (MIQFs). Read Full Article >

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