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Men like C.S. Lewis have been warning about the construction of a global totalitarian state for a long time, but few paid attention. The following essay describes the steady progress organizations like the United Nations are making to sideline Christian beliefs in favor of a “satanic, anti-Christian secular counterreligion of their own.” We covered this topic extensively in our recent article on the UN and the Occult.
by Stephen Tucker | The European Conservative

Eighty years on from both the completion of C.S. Lewis’ classic science-fiction parable That Hideous Strength, and the Dumbarton Oaks Conference which led to the creation of the UN, have the worst totalitarian nightmares of Lewis’ imagination finally come to pass for real?

Try to imagine a world in which democracy is wholly dead, having been replaced by its own deliberate inverted simulacrum, a surface-deep regime—an atheistic, science-worshipping, globalist technocracy—in which hideous non-human creatures tempt a fallen elitist ruling class into entering irrevocably into the satanic realm of post-humanity, facilitated by hubristic feats of industrial and mechanical engineering.

If this all sounds like something stolen from a science-fiction novel, then that’s because it is—the novel in question being 1945’s That Hideous Strength by C.S. Lewis, which (publication schedules being what they are) he had actually finished writing some time prior to the end of WWII. It is a horrific and satirical prediction of what Lewis presciently perceived the post-war world most likely had in store for an unsuspecting humanity that naively thought democracy was about to triumph forever with the looming twin defeats of Germany and Japan: namely, a new form of ‘benign’ globalist dictatorship in disguise.

The tool through which such a false-faced regime would be managed, Lewis foresaw, was likely to be some benevolent-sounding organisation of the same basic kind that was soon to become manifest for real in the shape of the United Nations (UN). Although not officially established until 1945, just after the war’s end, this year, 2024, marks 80 years since the basic format of the UN was effectively formulated with the 1944 Dumbarton Oaks Conference. The Conference was held in Washington DC between the then Allied Great Powers who were slated hereafter to become the post-war planet’s main governing ‘Four Policemen’: the United States, Soviet Union, United Kingdom, and China.

Better known as a writer of Christian tracts and fantasies like the Narnia series, Lewis also tried his hand at Christian sci-fi with his Space Trilogy of the 1930s and ‘40s. These exciting tales feature as the main common protagonist the character of Dr. Elwin Ransom, a Christian academic. He travels to other planets before returning to terra firma to battle demons named ‘Macrobes’ who falsely pose as all-wise ETs, aiming to tempt human scientists and politicians into transforming the entire planet into a genuine post-human Hell on Earth.

The trilogy’s concluding entry, That Hideous Strength, has a title taken from an obscure 1555 poem about the Tower of Babel, a previous hubristically Faustian enterprise made in defiance of God’s ordained will. Writing it as he did towards the end of WWII, Lewis’ thoughts naturally turned towards what kind of world the Allied victors would try to build for themselves—namely, one so unrealistically utopian in its nature that it would instead end up becoming its precise opposite. He foresaw that such a world would ultimately bring about a globalist totalitarian regime so evil in effect, if not necessarily in intent, that it would make the newly defeated Third Reich resemble paradise. As Lewis admitted in his Foreword, the book was a fictionalized retelling of the basic theme of his 1943 essay The Abolition of Man, whose own title is surely self-explanatory.

The plot is simple, but devastatingly effective. Following Hitler’s and Hirohito’s loss, globalist technocratic elites who have abandoned all faith in God and tradition for a contrasting Faustian belief in science and progress, modelled broadly after left-leaning scientists-cum-social-reformers of the day like Julian Huxley establish a new UN-type organization. It is initially based in England, but this organization intends to dominate the globe. With intentional cunning, it is called “NICE” (the National Institute for Co-ordinated Experiments). Read Full Article >

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