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Three Students Get Suspended from UMass-Amherst for Taking Maskless Photo Outdoors

(Big League Politics) – Three UMass-Amherst students have been suspended from their university, losing credits and tuition for the semester, because they appeared in a maskless picture together while outdoors.

Parents are up in arms over the double standard shown by the school, as they did nothing about sportsball athletes engaging in recent maskless celebrations. These three students are being singled out to enforce the new culture of fear that COVID-19 has been used to usher in.

“There was a photo sent to the administration of these girls outside off campus on a Saturday. This is why they have lost a whole semester of their schooling,” an aggrieved parent told WBZ4.

An anonymous coward snitched on the three girls and sent the picture into administrators, who responded by robbing the girls of their time and money to send a message that nothing less than total submission is acceptable at all times.

“She and two others attended a gathering off campus and were immediately removed from housing and suspended,” a father said.

“It’s heartbreaking,” a mother stated.

The parents point to a video of the UMass-Amherst hockey team celebrating after winning the college world championship this past year. Student athletes were celebrating without masks, countless students were attending the gathering without masks, and there were no repercussions doled out in the aftermath.

“I just want the university and administration to be equitable and fair,” a parent said.

The students have even been cut off from virtual learning and denied the ability to do finals as part of their punishment for living their lives as free individuals.

“So that negates the whole semester, 16 grand of money, and they have to reapply for next semester,” a parent stated. A group of parents have hired a lawyer and are preparing to file a lawsuit over what has taken place.

UMass-Amherst is standing by their decision as they hope to send the message to students that they are lowly subjects who will be held hostage to Draconian and absurd rules enforced capriciously by state goons willing to follow any order.

“Students received a number of public health messages this semester that emphasized the importance of following public health protocols and the consequences of not complying, and those messages were also shared on UMass social media channels,” they said in a statement about their decision.

A local news clip on the UMass decision can be seen here:

The globalist technocracy will now be enforcing these sort of cruel edicts on the masses moving forward. Welcome to the new normal. Idiocracy is creeping up on a once-great civilization.

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