Beyond The Hype: How Neuralink Advances The Transhumanist Agenda And Harms Innocent Animals

(by Derrick Broze | The Last American Vagabond) – As Elon Musk announces human trials for the Neuralink brain implant, the company has come under scrutiny for claims of animal abuse, as well as advancing the Transhumanist agenda.

On November 30, Elon Musk’s Neuralink company unveiled the specifics of how their brain implant will work and revealed they expect to begin human trials within the next six months.

“We have been working hard to get ready for our first human. We want to be extremely careful and certain it will work well before putting a device in a human,” Musk stated. “We think probably in about 6 months we should have our first neuralink in a human.”

The nearly 3 hour promotional event exclusively focused on the vision of Musk and his team, and the claimed benefits of such a technology. However, when we look beyond the hype and read between the lines, a picture of animal abuse and a Transhumanist dystopia emerges.

Show and Tell

When opening the Neuralink “Show and Tell” event, Musk outlined the long-term vision of his company:

“The overarching goal of neuralink is ultimately to create a whole brain interface, a generalized input, output device, that in the long term, literally could interact with every aspect of your brain, and in the short term can interface with any given section of your brain, and solve a tremendous number of things that cause debilitating issues for people.”

Musk believes this will lead to “solving many brain injury, spine injury issues along the way”. He claimed one of the first applications of the Neuralink will be to restore vision to the blind. He stated that Neuralink will be able to help someone who has never had sight be able to see for the first time. Musk also mentioned the goal of restoring mobility for individuals who are unable to operate their own muscles and “enable them to operate their phone faster than someone with working hands”.

“Even better than that would be to bridge the connection, take the signals from the motor cortex, let’s say somebody has a broken neck, bridging those signals to Neuralink devices located in the spinal cord. We are confident there are no physical limitations to enabling full body functionality,” Musk noted in his presentation.

Musk also highlighted how his team has been working with six monkeys to develop tools for humans to communicate using only their mind. Musk referred to a video of a monkey moving a cursor around on a computer screen with their mind as “telepathic typing”. The Neuralink team claims the device inserted into the skull of the monkey allows them to follow highlighted keys on screen to spell out words. They believe this could allow someone who cannot use their limbs to communicate “telepathically” with their phone or computer. Read Full Article >

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