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Gates Foundation Awards $4M Grant To Fund Digital ID Initiative

by Patrick Webb | The Leading Report

The Gates Foundation continues to drive global efforts aimed at introducing digital ID and payment systems by the end of this decade, awarding a $4 million grant to the UK-based Alan Turing Institute. This funding is part of a broader initiative known as the digital public infrastructure (DPI), supported by a coalition of private groups, such as the Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum (WEF), as well as major global entities like the US, the EU, and the UN.

The Turing Institute, renowned for its work in AI and data science research, has announced that this latest grant will support a multidisciplinary project over the next three years. The project’s primary objective is to ensure the “responsible” implementation of ID services, focusing on privacy and security concerns. This initiative aims to address the critical issues raised by opponents of digital ID schemes, who consistently warn about the risks of centralizing personal identities. Read Full Article >

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