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Iran Pushing Facial Recognition to Identify Women Who Fail to Wear Hijabs

by Jesse Smith | Truth Unmuted

As we have been reporting for several years, the threat of pervasive surveillance through facial recognition, biometrics, and digital ID is growing at unprecedented rates.

During the COVID “pandemic”, facial recognition companies scrambled to update their algorithms to detect people wearing face masks. Now, the algorithms are being tweaked to recognize women failing to cover their faces with the required hijab. The Iranian government is enacting draconian measures to ensure compliance. Biometric Update provides the details:

Iranian authorities have shared more details on the country’s upcoming law introducing facial recognition surveillance against women who fail to wear hijabs.

According to the proposed Hijab and Chastity Bill, the police must create “intelligent systems for identifying perpetrators of illegal behavior using tools such as fixed and mobile cameras,” Iran International reports.

Another article of the law requires the private sector including banks, transport companies, stores and businesses to upload CCTV footage to the police command of the Islamic Republic of Iran (FARAJA)” to identify violators.

“We mandate that all entities, including the private sector to provide their cameras to FARAJA. All cameras must be connected to FARAJA,” says Amir Hossein Bankipour, a member of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution and the Iranian parliament.

Iranians who fail to adhere to hijab regulations will go through face identification by using cameras. After photographing, their identities will be confirmed through “trusted observers.” Those who refuse to be photographed can be handed over to authorities.

Women who resist the hijab law could face financial fines, social media account shutdowns, social exclusion, passport confiscation for up to two years, arrest, and even exile, according to Bankipour. The official has previously said that fines will be directly deducted from their bank accounts with fines amounting to US$400 for repeat offenses… Read Full Article >

One thing that is almost assured is that these laws and measures will be used to extend surveillance to the entire society, not just hijab violators. The initial reasons for implementing facial recognition are always done for “good” like tracking criminals, speeding entry at airports and stadiums, and protecting against identity theft. However, usage is almost guaranteed to exceed the stated reasons leading to total surveillance and the abolition of privacy. Resistance to this scheme is greatly needed!

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