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by Jesse Smith, Truth Unmuted

The threat of being required to carry a vaccine passport to participate in society is continuing to spread rapidly like an undiagnosed cancerous tumor. This vaccine passport scheme has already taken hold in countries such as Italy, France, and Australia. These de facto digital ID systems threaten to enslave us all. When fully implemented you’ll no longer be able to travel freely, purchase goods and services, or access many public spaces without one. Though the passports or certificates (as they are sometimes called) may initially only contain vaccination and health records, in the future they will be expanded to include vital private information as explained in part five of the Beware the Vaccine series:

…the plan is to roll out a full-fledged digital ID (ID2020) which would contain driver’s licenses, passports, work badges, building access cards, debit and credit cards, transit passes, and more. – Jesse Smith

A National Digital Vaccine Passport Scheme Emerges

Until recently, implementation of vaccine passports moved slowly in the U.S. with only New York and California requiring usage. All of this has rapidly changed as many more states have begun to thrust them upon their citizens such as Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Illinois, Louisiana, and even Washington D.C. The commonality is that they all use an open-source platform called the “SMART Health Card” which can be adopted by any state or municipality.

Already available from over 400 sources, the SMART Health Card is paving the way to full-fledged digital identity initiated by Bill Gates’ GAVI, the Rockefeller Foundation, Accenture, and Microsoft with the ID2020 agenda. The SMART Health card also has a direct connection to the World Economic Forum’s Common Project Foundation/Commons Pass initiative.

At the center of the SMART Health Card lies the MITRE Corporation, a U.S. R&D company which contracts with Defense and Intelligence Agencies, Homeland Security (DHS), Health & Human Services (HHS) and many other agencies, think tanks, and corporations. MITRE also plays an integral role in creating 5G standards and developing uses for 5G technology like Smart Cities and autonomous vehicles. This sheds light on why they included the “SMART” moniker for the vaxx pass.

In addition, MITRE is one of the founding members of the Vaccine Credential Initiative (VCITM). The VCITM is a coalition dedicated to developing open, interoperable standards for accessing vaccine and health records. Members include representatives from Mayo Clinic, Microsoft, The Commons Project Foundation, Evernorth, CARIN Alliance, UC San Diego Health, and Apple.

The SMART Health Card is being issued under the guise of empowering individual access to clinical data, protecting health information, and allowing entry into places requiring proof of vaccination. In reality, it is a Trojan horse designed to entrap people into a system of complete control.

An NBC news story provides further details about U.S. adoption of the SMART Health Card:

Whether they realize it or not, about 200 million people in the United States now likely have access to a Covid-19 digital vaccine card.

The digital pass known as the SMART Health Card is voluntary and minimal by design to protect personal information. It has a person’s name, date of birth and the dates and brands of vaccination doses, all contained within a type of scannable bar code known as a QR code.

And after a relatively quiet start, it has built momentum in recent months as more states and companies have signed on, making it something of a de facto national digital vaccine card.

“The beautiful thing about this is that this multistate coalition is a coalition of the willing,” said Dr. Brian Anderson, chief digital health physician at MITRE, a research nonprofit, and an architect of the health cards.

Any such card seemed like a remote possibility a year ago, when people first began receiving paper cards as proof of their Covid vaccinations. The Biden administration said in March that it would not take the lead on any national health pass and instead defer to the private sector, and the idea of a vaccine “passport” has faced opposition and even bans, especially in Republican-led states such as Alabama and Texas.

Rather than a single app, the SMART Health Card is open-source computer code that anyone can use to ping a verified source of health data and produce the unique QR code. The digital cards are now widely available from more than 400 sources including states, pharmacies and health care organizations (emphasis added).

Springing the Trap

For now, participating in the SMART Health Card system is voluntary. However, the pressure to get “vaccinated” continues to intensify despite the failure of the Omicron fear campaign and the Biden administration’s mandate schemes. Increased demands to get an injection or booster will likely trigger the widespread implementation of the QR code nightmare, wrapped up in the SMART Health Card digital ID system.

Because of its ability to connect with any system using the open-source code, the SMART Health Card has the potential to fulfill the role of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Master Ring” from The Lord of the Rings.

“One Ring to rule them all,
One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all
and in the darkness bind them.”


The NBC article goes on to document how this vaccine passport scheme works across state lines and even internationally, just as intended by globalist organizations like the World Economic Forum, stating:

“This is a de facto standard,” said Rick Klau, California’s chief technology innovation officer. “This is essentially the one common way for residents to secure that digital copy and then use it.”…

Klau, a former manager at Google, has advised other states as they put the system in place. In California alone, 7 million individuals have downloaded their QR code, and he estimated that about 80 percent of the vaccinated U.S. population of 247 million people have access to a SMART Health Card if they want one through their state health authority or the site where they were vaccinated, such as a pharmacy or a hospital.

“It’s inspiring to see what has largely been a grassroots effort not only take hold, but develop so completely,” he said. “It has certainly not been mandated.”

A critical feature is that the QR codes are standardized and interoperable, so they work across state lines. A resident of New Jersey visiting San Francisco can use the same system to prove vaccination as a Californian.

And they can work internationally. Countries including the United Kingdom, Israel and Singapore have said they’ll recognize the QR codes if Americans present them abroad, Klau said.

SMART Health Card implementation is hardly a grassroots effort as suggested by Rick Klau. The Biden Administration put pressure on private companies and States to create a vaxx passport system to alleviate concerns that the federal government would do so. Any coalition including trillion-dollar multinational behemoths such as Microsoft and Apple can never be labeled grassroots.

Like many other aspects of the COVID-1984 nightmare, the vaccine passport was once a mere conspiracy theory. But the groundwork has been laid and the trap is being set for it to spread to every corner of the planet. The thought of Americans, Canadians, Aussies, Italians, and Germans having to “show papers” in the 21st century would have been laughed at by most just a couple short years ago. Now, it is quickly becoming reality for much of the world.

Digital ID, the Catalyst of the Future

According to a World Economic Forum white paper published in October 2021, Digital ID will serve “as the catalyst of our digital future.” The paper deceptively focuses only on highlighting the positives of moving toward digital identity, stating:

To get through COVID-19 and its aftermath successfully, business and government must work with a wider selection of stakeholders and put power in the hands of the populace so that each person can buy, trade and live a fruitful life…

This digital transformation – across societies, government and the private sector – will drive the recovery post-COVID-19. If done well, it will be a blessing to people, profit and planet, creating enduring, sustainable value that benefits small businesses at large, the marginalized as well as the affluent…

To ignite the spark of commercial and humanitarian progress, every person should have a unique digital identity so that they have full access to the digital world in the economic, social and political realm.

The EU, UK, Canada, Mexico, Monaco, Nigeria, Australia, Vietnam, China, and Singapore are just some of the regions and countries that have recently announced or implemented digital ID schemes. The travel industry is also a major player in the biometric digital identity scheme. Global governance entities like the United Nations, World Health Organization, and World Bank are also key participants.

The United Nations has launched the UN Digital ID project as a digital identity solution for its personnel. The video below describes how it operates.

The World Health Organization issued a specification and implementation standards manual for vaccine passport schemes called Digital Documentation of COVID-19 Certificates: Vaccination Status. The document was developed with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, the State of Kuwait, and the Government of Estonia (a trailblazer in the development of government digital ID systems).

For the financial services sector, the World Bank created the ID4D Initiative with the goal of enabling all people to be able to access services and exercise their rights, enabled by digital identification. Gee, weren’t people able to access services and exercise rights prior to digital ID? Why has the narrative shifted, making it seem like the world would fall apart without them?

Offering convenience and security, the move to mobile driver’s licenses being led by Apple and IDEMIA among others is also a huge part of this plot.

Image: Apple

Blame It All on the “Virus”

From the outset of the “pandemic,” governments worldwide and leaders across all sectors of society have blamed COVID-19 for causing economic and social havoc. As former president Trump stated, it is the “invisible enemy” that has caused such destruction, not the asinine actions and policies enacted by our public officials. Now, they are trying to sell the lie that the only solution is to embrace digital transformation “so that each person can buy, trade and live a fruitful life.” This is despite the fact that vaccine passports were being planned in the EU as early as 2018 before the plandemic even began. So much for blaming it on COVID!

Those who are still in the dark concerning the vast conspiracy being perpetrated against us may be easily fooled by these grandiose, well-intentioned statements. Those who understand the con game realize that shifting to a digital world represents a move to a dark future, especially for those who run afoul of authoritarian governments for even the slightest infraction.

This digital “health” scheme serves a much broader purpose than simply determining “vaccination” status and accessing records. It is being erected to discriminate against anyone violating any dictates imposed by the growing slate of tyrannical governments. For now, we face mandatory vaccination for a “virus” with a 99% survival rate, which alone is a grave injustice of epic proportions. For some it has also meant facing mandatory quarantines in prison-like facilities. In the near future it could morph into mandatory gun seizure, abortion, euthanasia, sterilization, asset forfeiture, eviction, microchipping, and many other horrors.

Digitalization, while convenient, also serves to dehumanize as human lives are reduced to nothing but data and digits! But this agenda will serve the overlords well as surveillance capitalism and Fourth Industrial Revolution transhumanism will become further entrenched.

Act Now Before it is Too Late

The so-called pandemic has been used as a tool for governments to exponentially increase their powers in a very short period of time. The psyop where they promised safety and security from a “deadly virus” has continued almost unabated as the obedient masses have lined up to take experimental mRNA injections, which the inventors likened to computer operating systems with the capacity to hack the software of life.

As the death tolls and injuries increase among the “vaccinated,” many are finally beginning to smell the stench of lies that governments have been telling in (Rockefeller Lock Step Scenario) coordinated fashion from the outset of the plandemic.

Rockefeller - Lock Step Plan

lock step scenario

As awareness about the vaccine depopulation agenda is increasing, people must also be on high alert regarding the digital prison system being erected around us. This will not stop with vaccine passports alone. This is just the beginning. A whole world is being created to enslave us in a perpetual digital panopticon including the metaverse, digital currency (CBDCs), mass surveillance, AI and biometrics, and body implants while blockchain technology records everything we do.

Despite the progress being made to trap humanity in this digital prison, there is still time to act and thwart these plans! Much progress is already being made in dismantling the COVID-19 narrative as Dr. Anthony Fauci, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, and even Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla have all recently admitted policy and “vaccine” failures. However, this battle is really just beginning. So much more needs to be done to stop the many threats humanity currently faces.

The struggle must begin at the individual level with civil disobedience to unconstitutional mandates. There can be no mass resistance without individuals willing to take a stand for what is good, just, and lawful. We must not fall for the lie that the greater good is more important than individual liberty, for there can be no greater good without individual liberty!

It is time to stop allowing the sociopaths, psychopaths, and narcissists in places of power and authority to function as dictators instead of servants and caretakers. It will take personal sacrifice and a willingness to suffer to see real change. Soon we may face situations such as increased food/supply shortages, cyber-attacks, power grid failures, economic collapse, and the threat of a new war with Russia that will challenge us like never before.

We must not allow propaganda, partisan politics, and racial discord to continue to divide us. All of us have a God-given intuition regarding right and wrong, good and evil. It is time to lean on that inner knowing and put differences aside or else we will all be ruled under a digital, technocratic form of global communism that will be difficult to escape once in place. Our Creator endowed us with inalienable rights and we must be eternally vigilant to ensure those rights are not violated, lest we all be desecrated into beings not reflective of the divine image we bear.

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