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Tyranny looms as digital IDs and currencies roll out around the world

(by Andreas Wailzer | LifeSite News) – By now, you probably know about the plans for digital IDs and digital currencies. But how far along are these plans exactly in various places around the world? What steps are being undertaken right now? Why are digital “identities” so problematic? And what are possible solutions? We will explore these questions in this article. 

Digital “identities” are problematic 

The process of rolling out digital IDs worldwide began years before the COVID fiasco and the publication of Klaus Schwab’s book “COVID-19: The Great Reset.” 

The United Nations’ project ID2020 launched in 2016; its goal is to provide every person in the world with a digital identity. But the European Union created the legal framework for the introduction of a European digital ID even earlier than that, in 2014. Read Full Article >

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