On November 17, the DC Council approved the “Minor Consent for Vaccinations Amendment Act of 2020” passed by a 10-3 margin. First introduced in 2019, the bill will allow minors as young as 11 years of age to receive vaccinations without parental consent.

In DC, minors 12 years and older can consent to receive mental health care, contraceptive services, substance abuse treatment, prenatal care, and abortions. The bill was introduced as a way to extend minors’ rights to include taking vaccines recommended by the United States Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

The Minor Consent for Vaccinations bill allows for the circumvention of parental authority, disregards religious exemptions, and the ability to out of certain vaccines such as Human Papillomavirus (HPV).  It also serves to keep parents in the dark by allowing physicians to submit immunization records directly to the minor’s school. A recent amendment will allow insurance companies to forgo sending Explanation of Benefits (EOB) notices to parents who likely foot the bill for the immunizations. 

Councilmember Vincent C. Gray sees these measures as necessary to protect the minor from “retaliation” that could occur if parents were to find out their child was vaccinated without their consent. He stated that only some children will be able to demonstrate informed consent due to varying levels of maturity and that the goal of the bill is to give minors the ability to protect their long-term health. Gray added that vaccines are among the “lowest risk” and “most effective” means of protecting individuals and the public at large. 

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Support for the Minor Consent for Vaccinations Bill

The bill was first introduced in 2019 by Councilmember Mary Cheh in order to expand access to vaccination for minors.” In comments at an October 7 Council meeting, Cheh “emphasized that vaccines are one of the most effective and essentials tools to preventing deadly and debilitating diseases.” She also expressed concern with the vaccine hesitant and those who choose to not immunize their children based on the widely disproven belief that vaccines cause autism and have other harmful health effects.” 

The act received strong support from American Atheists, a non-profit organization dedicated to “defending the civil liberties of atheists and advocating complete separation of church and state.” In a letter of support from June 2019, Vice President Allison Gill stated:

American Atheists, on behalf of its constituents in the District of Columbia, thanks you for considering B23-171, a life-saving bill that will protect young people in the District of Columbia from preventable diseases by allowing minors to consent to receive vaccines…

In allowing this amendment to give minors the right to consent to immunization, B23-171 gives young people authority over their own bodies and the right to make informed vaccine-related decisions themselves…

Due to the refusal of parents to vaccinate their children, immunization rates are generally falling and leaving the public susceptible to disease.

The DC Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics also agreed with the bill and voiced their support stating:

Adolescents and young adults often have a clear grasp of what health care decisions make the most sense for them. Adolescents in the District make decisions regarding their reproductive health care, mental health, substance abuse, and emergency services. Why should this not be the case for vaccines as well?

Opposition to the Bill

Councilmember Trayon White Sr. expressed opposition to the bill asserting that “it presents a danger to children and disregards a parent’s authority to make health care decisions in the best interest of their child.”  White went on to question the council’s authority to use “dictatorial” powers to take away parental consent and wondered who would take responsibility if a child were to have an adverse reaction to a vaccine. White was one of only three members who voted not to pass the bill.

DC residents also countered the proposed bill with facts pointing out that children are harmed by vaccines. A letter from Kathy A. Boylan points out that:

The vaccine companies…increased the number of vaccines on the schedule going from 3 vaccines in 1985 to 72 doses of 16 vaccines today.

1980: 1-10,000 children had autism
Today: 1-34 children have autism

The U.S. population is the most vaccinated in the world but far less healthy than other countries that do not mandate or recommend so many vaccines.

Prior to 1989: American children had a 12.8% chance of having a chronic disease
After 1989: American children have a 54% chance of having a chronic disease

Despite these facts, the Minor Consent for Vaccinations bill passed by a majority of the DC Council and will need to pass mayoral and congressional reviews before becoming an official law. If this happens, it will set an extremely dangerous precedent allowing more government encroachment upon parental authority in the name of protecting public health.

If children as young as 11 are mature enough to make decisions about what is being pumped into their bodies, then why not reduce the legal drinking age to 11? How about we also allow them to vote and get married? Heck, why not just put them to work to earn a living for themselves since they’re so mature?

The underhanded ways this bill seeks to bypass parental consent is sickening. What recourse does a parent have if their child experiences adverse effects from a vaccine? Unsuspecting parents may have a hard time figuring out why their child is sick in the first place. The vaccine makers already have liability protection. Schools and doctors will also protect themselves by colluding to keep parents oblivious. This deceitfulness may cause children to see their parents in a negative light and put undue pressure on them to lie about taking a vaccine.

It is the job of a parent or guardian to assess whether or not to have their child vaccinated. Children typically trust teachers and health professionals and don’t have the power to discern whether they are being told the truth about vaccines and possible side effects. Most parents barely read the insert for medication they take. Do we expect an 11-year-old to do this for a vaccine?

This bill is not only irresponsible, it is bordering on criminal. The fact that they are trying to hide it from parents telegraphs that it’s not being done out of pure motives. The state is essentially attempting to wrest control of our children and what goes in their bodies. If it passes, expect other cities and states across the country to rapidly introduce their own similar bills. And what will stop governments from performing other secret “health services” on our children such as gender reassignment surgery and prescribing mind- altering drugs?

As we’ve documented in our series on vaccines (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), there is a conspiracy to have everyone on the planet vaccinated regardless of safety,  religious, or other concerns. Parents across this nation better see this for what it is and stand up to city councils, mayors, governors, state legislatures, etc. before it’s too late!

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